Symbolism of the county

Coat of arms for Smiltene municipality

The coat of arms of Smiltene county (Divided with a lowered chevron cut: blue and gold. In the upper field, a silver lily and the same lily cross, in the lower field, a cornflower flower in natural colors) – registered on November 30, 2022.

Smiltene brand visual identity guidelines

The implementation of the marketing communication strategy of Smiltene county and the visual elements of the new brand are used since year 2021, after administrative territorial reforms, in order to create a unified image of the region, announce achievements with the new slogan “Meet in Smiltene region!”, highlight unique and important areas of the region, promote cooperation and participation, as well as activate tourism and attraction of guests.

Smiltene region brand – “Active place, full of energy”.

The core of the county’s identity: Nature, sports, business.

Brand positioning: Active and full of energy.

Brand basics. Smiltene region is:

  • a place to work and invest in doing significant things in a region that resonates throughout Latvia;
  • a place to discover talents, acquire knowledge and skills, share them;
  • a place for a harmonious lifestyle;
  • a place to experience Latvian, enjoy the joy of movement and rejuvenate.

The role of the brand: A harmonious living environment that attracts energetic and enterprising people.

Brand promise: Smiltene county is an open and dynamic place for ideas and people, which recharges and renews energy.

Brand vision: A demanded, energy-filled place to work and live with a diverse and dynamic economic development and a full-fledged harmonious human environment.

Brand personality: Doer. Smiltene region is experienced and balanced in character. Powerful and brave, confident and kind. I like to make my own decisions instead of waiting for the guidance of others.

Brand communication tone: With the confidence that we are doing the right thing. Without undue shame about your success. With pride, without jumping. Vital. Energy that sticks to others. Excited.

The primary logo is the main element of the graphic identity of Smiltene region. It consists of a slogan and a graphic sign.

The slogan “Meet in Smiltene region!” symbolizes gathering in one place and success – in Smiltene region people come together to live to work, study and relax, as well as in Smiltene region people do and meet.

The slogan consists of 2 lines, where the first line contains the name of the county and the second line contains the word “meet!”.
The slogan is Hurme Geometric Sans 4 Semi Bold.
The graphic sign is based on a modernized cornflower, which consists of 7 leaves or seven areas important for Smiltene region: business, education, culture, sports, tourism, nature, families.
The leaves have an arrow shape that points to the center and indicates a gathering.
The chosen color range creates a unified and recognizable color, symbolizing Smiltene region as an active and full of energy place.

Coat of arms of the city of Smiltene

Approved on October 31, 1925. Coat of arms in blue. The lower part of the shield shows three golden hills – Jāņu kalns, Lazdu kalns and Pilskalns. Across the mountains, at the top of the shield, to the right are three silver hawks, symbolizing strong spirit, strength, and lofty goals.

County coat of arms (not officially used from 01.07.2021)

After the administrative-territorial reform on July 1, 2021, the coat of arms of Smiltene region is no longer officially used. It was decided to create a new coat of arms of Smiltene region. The official coat of arms of the state of Latvia is used in official documents until the decision on the symbols of Smiltene region.


Approved: July 30, 2010 The base of the coat of arms is made of gold, with a blue cornflower flower on it with nine petals, which symbolizes the whole region – the city of Smiltene and eight surrounding parishes. Heraldic description of the coat of arms of Smiltene region “Cornflower flower in natural colors in the golden field”.

Smiltenes novada ģerboņa idejas autore Ginta Špate.

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County flag (not officially used from 01.07.2021)

After the administrative-territorial reform on July 1, 2021, the flag of Smiltene region is no longer officially used. After the approval of the coat of arms, a new flag of the county will be created.

Approved on 28 June 2012 in the light of the results of the public vote. The flag is a rectangular fabric with a width / height ratio of 1: 2.

The stripe ratio of the flag is 3: 1: 3. The white stripe on the flag symbolizes the road. The road goes in the middle of a yellow rye field, where Smiltene region has flourished like a cornflower flower. In the middle of the flag, on both sides, there is a colorful coat of arms of Smiltene region, which is 1/3 of the width of the flag. The coat of arms with cornflower is a symbol of Smiltene region, where each petal represents 8 parishes and Smiltene.

The yellow area symbolizes physical strength, experience, intelligence and knowledge. The white color of the flag symbolizes peace, security, faith and order, which is a suitable environment for its development, growth and improvement. Yellow is also the color of the flag of the city of Smiltene, thus the identity of the city is also included in the flag of the region.

The author of the flag design of Smiltene region is Ginta Špate, the local artist and the author of the idea of the coat of arms of Smiltene region.