Dec 8, 2022
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Process of administrative-territorial reform in Smiltene Municipality

On June 5, on Smiltene Municipality had elections and almost all members of council had replaced, but the chairman of Smiltene Municipal Council was elected the same – Edgars Avotiņš. 

Right now, all Municipalities in Latvia are in the process of administrative-territorial reform. Till 1st July in Latvia were 119 municipalities, but after reform – 43 municipalities.

Also Smiltene Municipal territory has become larger, and now we have more than 19 thousand inhabitants. To the Smiltene municipality for 1st  July had joined Ape and Rauna counties – also a lot of administrative employee’s reorganization and structural changes belongs to this process.

Also changes in the council management –the chairman had 2 deputies who supports the administration of the new county. Astrida Harju was elected as Deputy Chairman for Cultural and Social matters, she also will be responsible about twinning cities friendship organization and Gita Murniece was elected as Deputy Chairman for cooperation with entrepreneurs to develop county economical position. 

The administrative center of the municipality will be in Smiltene, also while the reorganization process is ongoing, co-operation contacts and specialists are still available in both Rauna and Ape, as well as specialists from Smiltene municipality are still the same. Executive Director of the Administrative Center was elected Andris Lapiņš, who has been Executive Director in Smiltene Municipality till reform. Also for Administrative Center Executive Director will be two deputies, they haven’t yet appointed to their positions. 

The transition period is set for December 31 of this year, during which time the restructuring of departments and institutions will take place, as well as staff changes.



The Covid-19 virus and related security measures are still relevant throughout Latvia and Smiltene Municipality:

We are gradually adapting and trying to bring cultural life and face-to-face events to life, but at the same time we are not sure about anything, because the new type of virus has reached Latvia, also we don’t know how the situation will change in the fall. 


Health and good luck to all, 

Linda Beitika 

Public relations specialist in Smiltene municipality