Culture institutions

In Smiltene County, the function defined by the State – to take care of culture and promote the preservation of traditional cultural values and the development of folk creativity – is performed by the Smiltene County Cultural Administration and institutions and departments, which are under its supervision and subordinate to it:

  • Smiltene County Culture Centre; 
  • Smiltene county library (with substructures):
    • Apes Library
    • Bilska library with Birzuļi and Lobergi departments
    • Blome Library in the Branti Library
    • Drusti library with the Gatart department
    • Gaujiena library
    • Grundzale library
    • Launkalne library
    • Palsmane library
    • Rauna library with Roze department
    • Trapene Library
    • Variņi library
    • Vidaga Library
  • Tourist information center (with substructures):
    • Smiltene tourist information center
    • Rauna tourist information Center
  • Smiltene County Museum;
    • E. Zālīte Memorial House
    • Trapene regional research center
    • Vireši regional research center “Mājvieta”
    • Drustu Regional History Museum
    • J. Vītola memorial museum “Anniņas”
    • Rauna Museum
  • Folk applied art studio “Smiltene”;
  • Ape Culture House;
  • Blome Culture House;
  • Drustu Culture House; 
  • Gaujiena Culture House;
  • Rauna Cultural Center;
  • Varini Culture House,
  • Launkalne Folk House,
  • Birzuļi culture centre of Bilska parish,
  • Grundzāle Cultural House,
  • Palsmane Culture House;
  • Trapene House of Culture;
  • Vireši Culture House.

 The objectives of the management are: 

To develop cultural and tourism institutions and structural units, as multifunctional and high-quality cultural and tourism service providers, which contribute to the creation of a diverse cultural, tourism and lifelong learning process accessible to the active participation of society;    To ensure the creation, preservation, cultivation and development of creative processes of folk art and cultural values ​​in Smiltene county and Smiltene city;    Promote the balanced development of cultural processes and the availability of culture in the Smiltene district, ensuring the residents’ right to quality living space.

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