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The municipality of Smiltene county was established on the 1st of July, 2021, after the administrative territorial reform of municipalities. County includes two towns: Smiltene and Ape, also several parishes: Apes parish, Bilska parish, Blomes parish, Brantu parish, Drustu parish, Gaujiena parish, Grundzāles parish, Launkalne parish, Palsmanes parish, Rauna parish, Smiltene parish, Trapene parish, Variņu parish, Virešu parish.

The total area of Smiltene County: 1800.55 km2. The largest area of ​​the county’s territory is occupied by Launkalne parish – 221.8 km2, i.e. 12.32% of the total county’s space. Town ape has the smallest area – 2.45 km2, which is 0.14% of the county’s space.

Density of inhabitants – 11 inh./km2
Administrative centre – Smiltene town
Population – 18 591 (data on 01.02.2023).
Distance from Riga, the capital city of Latvia – 132 km, from the Estonian border – 40 km.
Crosses the borders of Valka, Valmiera, Cēsu, Alūksne, Gulbene counties and Valga and Veru counties of the Republic of Estonia.

Smiltene County is crossed by highways of national importance– highway (A2) Riga-Veclaicene-Saint Petersburg (Russia) and the national regional roads Valmiera-Smiltene, Smiltene-Valka, Smiltene-Gulbene, and Smiltene-Strenči.

The most important economic sectors of Smiltene county are agriculture and forestry. Mineral deposits are also evenly distributed in the territories of the county parishes. Raw material resources fully satisfies not only the needs of the internal market, but also is able to allow export raw materials or the products obtained from them. Its rivers, lakes, sloping slopes and the relatively short distance between lakes are a suitable environment for the development of landscape space. Unspoiled natural areas and biological diversity are resources that, when properly adapted, can be used to increase the economic potential of the rural areas of the city and county, to promote economic activity, as well as to improve the quality of life of the population.

Smiltene region is a place to live, work, raise a family, study, relax, nurture cultural traditions and develop business. Educational opportunities of all levels are available in the region, there is an active cultural life. The region is rich in natural and cultural-historical heritage, which provides an opportunity for the successful development of tourism. Terrain, forests, parks, nature trails and sights, give you the opportunity to actively relax and do sports. Smiltene county has recognizable traditions in cycling, motor sports, football, orienteering, athletics, local and international competitions take place. Smiltene county is one of the most economically active and fastest growing counties in Latvia, the main reasons being business development and intensive acquisition of European Union funds.