May 24, 2024
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100th Anniversary of Smiltene

Over the centuries, the city has experienced both successes and failures but city reburned over the time. On the 2nd January of 1920, city rights for Smiltene was granted.

During these 100 years, Smiltene has become a unique city and beautiful place in Latvia. Developed entrepreneurship coexist with long-standing and strong traditions in education, culture and sports. The development and growth of Smiltene is based on work of strong people with the dream of a strong city. Therefore, the message “Strong people, strong city” has been chosen as the guiding principle of the anniversary’s festival in summer of 2020.

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Smiltene was planned in July 17 to 19, in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 virus in the World and situation in the country, large-scale of mass events isn’t recommended in this year, the celebrations will be in accordance with the recommendations of actual situation, so we invite follow the information about events in this summer and festival process.


Things that are organized despite the festival process:

  • In order to evoke a sense of belonging and an understanding history of the Smiltene, continues work on review of 100 significant events in urban development. The summary will be published in video stories and brochure.
  • In order to brighten the festive mood, occurs interpretation of history in video stories about the legends which are created in area of Smiltene city.
  • In order to honor the townspeople and highlight their great importance over the time, occurs a digital project about 100 strong people, who characterize the city, lives here today and working so hard to make city more and more success.


A special logo was also developed in honor of the city festival, authored by Kristaps Strazdiņš. The logo includes the main values ​​of Smiltene – which are symbolically emphasized in a modern way: people, business, education, nature diversity and active recreation.

Belong this logo will bring the idea, values and visual identity of Smiltene anniversary festival – we are strong people in the strong city!