May 19, 2024
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Smiltene Municipality

Smiltene Municipality is situated in the center of Vidzeme region, due to advantageous geographical location and available resources, Smiltene Municipality has become an attractive and dynamic place, where a well-developed and competitive industry coexists with long-standing and strong traditions in education, culture and sports.

The center of Municipality is Smiltene. More than 42% of Municipality population lives in the city – city life lives in harmony with nature. Everything can be done at the day time – citizens can grow strong in their professional way and they can take a rest in the nature, nearby every day runs.

Smiltene Municipality is fulfilled with natural resources- more than 49% of territory cover forests and 39% of agricultural land. This is economically active and energetic place, where you can find large companies, family businesses and home producers. We appreciate and support new entrepreneurs – we are proud with employees in every kind of field. There are more than 1040 companies registered in Smiltene Municipality and the largest companies by turnover are concentrated in forestry, wood processing, trade, road and bridge construction, agriculture and food processing.

16 educational institutions represent all levels of education – here you can find new knowledge’s throughout life. Smiltene Municipality provides variety of educational options from newborns to grown-ups in primary, secondary, professional and highest education.

Residents of Smiltene Municipality at any age can discover and develop their talents in amateur groups and sports clubs, that’s possible with well-developed cultural infrastructure, an extensive amateur movement as well as sports and recreation infrastructure. Long- standing and strong traditions and events well known beyond the municipality borders in cycling, motorsport, football, orienteering, ice hockey, volleyball, BMX and athletics.

The name of municipality sounds loud in Latvian song and dance festival – choir music, folk dance, orchestra and a lot of musicians are our pride and honor.

Smiltene municipality is a place to live, work, start a family, study, actively relax, cultivate cultural traditions and develop own businesses.