According to the Law on Elections of the Republic City Council and Municipality Council, the Smiltene County Council consists of 15 members, which citizens elect in municipal elections every four years. The council ensures representation of the county’s population.

Tasks of the council:

  • to make decisions;
  • to determine the municipal structure;
  • to decide on the implementation of its functions and voluntary initiatives;
  • decide on the procedure by which the municipality ensures the performance of the delegated functions of the state administration and the tasks of the administration;
  • to draw up and execute the municipal budget;
  • within the scope of its competence, to bear the responsibility for the legality of the actions of municipality institutions and the use of financial resources.

The work of the council is led by the chairman of the council, who is elected from among the members of the relevant council, by voting on it at the first meeting of the newly elected council.

To ensure its operation and develop draft decisions of the council, 3 permanent committees have been established:   

  • Standing Committee on Financial and Development Issues, consisting of 11 members;   
  • Standing Committee on Culture, Education and Sports, consisting of 7 members;   
  • Standing Committee on Social and Medical Issues, consisting of 7 members.

Council meetings are held every month on the last Wednesday from 15:00, they are open and every resident of the county can participate in them.The administration of the Smiltene County Council ensures the execution of the decisions made by the Council, the organizational and technical service of its work, as well as the provision of municipal services to residents and other tasks specified in its by laws.