Educational opportunities

There are a total of 23 educational institutions in Smiltene district – elementary schools, one secondary school, preschool educational institutions, interest educational institutions, vocational secondary educational institutions, art and music schools.

Educational institutions are under the control of the Education Board of Smiltene county.

Contacts of the Education Board: [email protected]

Secondary and elementary educational institutions

Varini elementary school

Oktobra iela 15, Variņi, Variņu pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4726

[email protected]

Blome elementary school

Cēsu iela 13 Blome Blomes pagasts, Smiltenes novads LV – 4707

[email protected]

Gaujiena elementary school

“Gaismas”, Gaujiena, Gaujienas pagasts, Smiltenes novads LV – 4339

[email protected]

Bilska elementary school

Bilskas pamatskola Bilska Bilskas pagasts Smiltenes novads LV-4706

[email protected]

Launkalne elementary school

Līvu iela 5, Launkalne, Launkalnes pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV- 4718

[email protected]

Ojāra Vācieša Gaujiena elementary school

Gaismas 1, Gaujienas pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4339

[email protected]

Grundzāle elementary school

Tilta iela 6, Grundzāle, Grundzāles pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4713

[email protected]

Trapene elementary school

Skola, Trapene, Trapenes pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4348

[email protected]

Dāvja Ozoliņa Ape’s secondary school

Pasta iela 26, Ape, Smiltenes novads, LV 4337

[email protected]

Rauna elementary school, Drusti division

Skolas iela-7, Drustu pagasts, Smiltenes novads.

[email protected]

Palsmanes pamatskola
Rauna elementary school

Skolas iela 1, Rauna, Raunas pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV4131

[email protected]

Palsmane elementary school

Pamatskola, Palsmanes pagasts, Smiltenes novads Palsmane-LV-4724

[email protected]

Smiltene secondary school

Dakteru iela 27, Smiltene, Smiltenes novads, LV-4729

[email protected]

Smiltene county special secondary school

Palsmanes pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4724

[email protected]

Preschool educational institutions

Ape preschool educational institution “Vāverīte”
Pasta iela – 25, Ape, Smiltenes novads, [email protected]

Smiltene preschool educational institution “Pīlādzītis”

Rīgas iela 8a, Smiltene, Smiltenes novads, LV-4729

[email protected]

Palsmane preschool educational institution
“Bērnudārzs”,Palsmane, Palsmanes pag., Smiltenes nov., [email protected]

Rauna elementary school preschool division

Kalna iela 4, Rauna, Raunas pagasts, Smiltenes novads

[email protected]

Other educational instituions
Smiltene youth and children interest educational centre and sports school
Gaujas iela 2, Smiltene, Smiltenes novads, [email protected]; [email protected]
Smiltene professional secondary school
Kalnamuiža 10, Smiltenes pagasts, Smiltenes novads, [email protected]
Smiltene arts school

Vaļņu iela 2, Smiltene, Smiltenes novads, LV-4729

[email protected]

Gaujiena music and arts school

„Gaismas” , Gaujiena, Gaujienas pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV-4339

[email protected]


Smiltene music school
Pils iela 3, Smiltene, Smiltenes novads, [email protected]